Here at The Colab we are always trying to find ways to improve, one of our main initiatives is to eliminate any kind of waste that may come from our operations. If you have ever wondered why your online order doesn't arrive with wads of tissue or if in store we ask if you would like a bag or a receipt, this is why. Where possible we try to eliminate unnecessary waste. Here are a few of the initiatives that we have in place - if you have any suggestions on how we could do even better, we would love to hear from you. 

  1. All bubble wrap/padding used in fulfilling online orders is reused from parcels we receive from suppliers, unfortunately bubble wrap is sometimes necessary for fragile items, however we avoid the use at all costs.
  2. Most of our suppliers use minimal or biodegradable packaging, the packaging that we do receive, and can salvage, are reused as rubbish or storage bags. We also recycle this packaging to be used as stuffing for bags in store.
  3. All cardboard and paper is recycled through our local recycling centres. We reuse boxes for shipping and cut up waste paper for note paper in store.
  4. Our courier bags are compostable - we would love them to be prettier but loving the planet isn't always pretty!!
  5. More often than not, we find receipts aren't necessary. We have a very accurate transaction system online and if you sign up to our loyalty you can see your purchases anytime!
  6. Our bags are reusable and, to be honest, pretty darn sturdy. They cost more for us but we do not transfer this cost to you. Where possible we hope that customers opt to use their own bags or reuse ours.
  7. Where possible we avoid printing labels for our products. Most come with labels already and we choose to handwrite the price to avoid doubling up.