The Colab is a fashion retail institution built on brands that we are passionate about, with its flagship store in Te Awamutu and another store in Queenstown.

The Colab is an amalgamation of fashion retail stores ASH and The Activist. Tash started ASH in 2015 and Jo started The Activist in 2017.

After working together for a little while we realised that we were a great team and decided to merge the two into the amazing 'The Colab'. And the rest is history!

We are excited for our future endeavours (so many exciting things to come) and are also very grateful for the achievements we have made so far. From launching our Online store to opening our second store in Queenstown, we are always searching for the next opportunity and ways we can make the experience even better for you - our loyal customers!

A bit more about Jo...

Jo looks after our Te Awamutu store and is also the social media guru (if you haven't you should go check out our beautiful Instagram page! Jo always has her finger on the pulse and usually the one you might find yourself chatting to if you get in touch. 

Jo has a 14 year old daughter, Grace, and before this was a photographer. A creative person by nature she's alway coming up with amazing new projects.

Loves: A good pant | Hanging with her 14 yr old (watch this space, this can change quickly) | Family | Her dogggggooooo Mac | Coffee, obvs. | Handbags! | Keeping fit | Yoga | Healthy eating (although chocolate is her weakness)

Hates: How many times the washing machine beeps when it’s finished...ok bitch I’ll get there...tomorrow | Folding washing | Housework | When people are late 

And Tash ...

Tash looks after the Queenstown store and our website. Aside from a love of fashion she has a brief history in accounting but the love of retail soon took greater priority. Tash is more systems based but loves to switch off at the end of the day and relax with a crossword.

She has a six year old daughter Macy going on 18, too many shoes and an addiction to massages. She's also never on time... which Jo loves.

Loves: Miss Macy | Puzzles/Crosswords | COFFEE | Yoga - yin all day | a Vino or five | Rice, like in a big way | Family | Massages | The boyfrand | Her doglets Marnie & Felix

Hates: The sound of wool rubbing, cringe! | Phone calls | Having to get up early